is our mission in life to beautify and embellish so that consumption can keep on developing and growing and that we have to keep on pushing the limits of the selling image?


are we surviving even before we start living?


we get convinced that there is no place for dreams, imagination and rarely real innovation. we put them away in a sealed safe tucked under our pillows so that the only time that they might emerge is when we are fast asleep and there is no way we are going to do anything about it.


innovation comes from dreaming while wide awake.


defining factors is a forum where we explore the factors that define our lives in spaces, places, cities, countries, buildings, businesses services and brands. what is it that is affecting our experiences, positively or negatively? how can we positively transform them?

To a More Ambitious Place : March 16, 2015

  To a More Ambitious Place London Debate / Wednesday 18 March / 6.30 – 8pm Do we accept the status quo in place? Speakers: Alastair Donald, British Council Project Director, British Pavilion, Venice Architecture Biennale Leslie Barson, Project Team, … Continue reading

Urban Factorisation Findings Report : October 6, 2014

  The summer is over, as we are reminded by the drop in temperatures and the wet window panes, and it is time to get bring the experiences and explorations gained under the sun back into perspective and use what … Continue reading

Urban Factorisation Launch Event; in pictures and words : July 30, 2014

    What happens when you bring an idea as simple as getting people back at the heart of the city and invite people to join in the discussion and the exploration? What happens when you remind the city, its … Continue reading

Urban Factorisation Launch : July 9, 2014

      #UrbanFactorisation   On Monday 21st July the London Creative and Digital Fusion Steering Group, National Centre for Universities and Business and Factors will host Urban Factorisation; an interactive event to celebrate user centred design.     Urban … Continue reading

Life defining factors for 2014… : January 9, 2014