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We design and build unique user experiences by engaging all factors of human life by immersing ourselves into the issue, imagining and implementing a solution.


We are ‘factors’, builders of user experiences. Our approach to design is collaborative, multidisciplinary and holistic, as we IMMERSE, IMAGINE & IMPLEMENT.


We start by immersing ourselves into the challenge through understanding who our end-users are, how they live and how will they be living in relation to the conditions at hand, in order to comprehend their multiple facets, then imagine and factorize a unique framework and formula.


This imagined solution emerges in the form of an encompassing and comprehensive design strategy that spans across all different design disciplines. Those include branding, behavioural design, user centred design, built environment, architecture, urban development, spatial experience, business, service innovation, technology, etc. In other words, any means necessary to create an engaging unique experience through the process of factorisation.


We do not stop at the dream. We turn the vision into reality. We bring together a team of experts who will join strengths in a collaborative effort with a centralized facilitation in order to deliver each aspect of the solution. This while making sure that the overarching strategy is respected, developed and evolved.


Central to our creative effort are the end-users. Our clients and their end-users are an essential part of our creative team. This is what allows us to invent unique solutions that cater to each distinctive problem at hand.


We are called ‘factors’ since we engage all the factors, the human, the business, the urban, the architectural, the brand, the sustainability, the cultural, as well as the technological. All to create the future ‘factors’.